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What are our pin boards made of?

Our pin boards are made of 100 % cork .

There is NO cardboard, MDF, formaldehyde or plastic used.  

They are professionally painted with Resene Spacecote Low Sheen for a premium interior paint finish.

Primer undercoat paint is used first for additional protection and durability.

The Resene Paint we use is Environmental Choice approved. 

(Resene Magnetic Paint is used on our Magnetic Boards)

What are the Magnetic Boards made of?

The Magnetic Boards are also 100% Cork however they have four coats of Resene Magnetic Paint underneath the colour of your choice. Magnetic Paint is not as magnetic as your fridge but is very suitable for photos and light weight paper/card. The magnets we sell are only suitable for photos and lightweight paper/card. The great thing is, you can also use these boards to pin heavier items and you can also use as a chalk board as they are smoother than our regular pin boards.

Why Cork?

Cork is 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

It is also water and mould resistant.

It is lightweight, long lasting, and of course, we all know cork is perfect for pin boards!

Are Pin Boards suitable for children under 5?

The great thing about our pin boards are that they look fantastic on the wall even with nothing pinned on them!

You will know when your child is old enough to use drawing pins without any danger to themselves. My children were around 3-4.

Before that, you can either put it out of reach (higher up) or use washi tape or blu tack to stick on their art work or photos. 

We also have a Magnetic Option! (Remember to use bigger magnets that kids can't swallow!!)

How do I install my pin board/s?

Every pin board comes with 2 'quick hangers'   (Rectangles come with 4)

The hangers hold up to 5kgs. Our pin boards are about 0.6kgs so you are able to hang things such as sports medals and jewellery, etc.  

Simply hammer the long pointed end into the wall until the flat piece is parallel to the wall and the short end is pointing upwards slightly. Do this where you want the top mid point of the pin board to be (Or in each corner for rectangles) Then, carefully push pin board down onto the hanger so it goes right inside the cork. You can also use the additional quick hanger on the bottom if you wish.

Note: Many have also used 3M Command Picture Hanging strips with success however these strips are recommended for completely smooth surfaces and our boards are slightly textured. If you do use these, we can not 100% guarantee they will work long term as the hangers we provide do.

How can I clean my pin board?

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Will my pin board break if dropped?

Please take care when handling and hanging your pin board/s as you would an unframed painting. These are fragile until on the wall. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

We aim to post your order to you within 1-4 days. If you have selected Standard Post(Free) your order will take between 1-3 days on top of this. So your order should get to you within 2-7 business days.  Magnetic Boards and Custom Colours may take a day or two longer. Also , during busy Sale times can take longer.

What is your Return Policy?

Have you changed your mind? Not happy with the colour? If you wish to return your pin board/s please contact us within 14 days to do this. It's not a problem if the Pin Board is returned to us in the same packaging and completely unused.

Please note:Sale Items and orders over 10 boards will not be refunded due to change of mind.

The cost of return delivery will not be paid by us unless the pin board was damaged while being shipped to you and needs to be replaced. In this case we need you to send us a photo if possible please.

We will refund you or organise a replacement Pin Board as soon as we receive your unwanted  or damaged Pin Board.


Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not been shipped, yes, you can cancel (if not a custom colour)! However, if your order has already been shipped you can not cancel your order sorry! Custom Colour Boards may not be cancelled if we have already started on these.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere. Please email us if you are having problems checking out.

 How can I pay?

Please pay by Paypal(Credit Card) ,  Bank Deposit , or Afterpay through our online shop.

Do you customise pin boards?

We can paint you a Pin Board in any colour you choose from Resene! We can also paint more than one colour per Pin Board (e.g, half hot pink and half gold). Please email your requirements. We may also be able to do different shapes depending on your needs. 

Any feedback is very welcome! If you want to see another colour or shape added to our collections please let us know! We love it when customers send in reviews and photos of  their Pin Boards too! It really helps Colour Pop grow!